History - Holz-Abresch Holzgroßhandlung, Viernheim

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Heinrich Abresch launched his professional career at just 18 years of age, when he took over the management of the family-owned metal goods factory, Carl Liebmann (manufacture of “Spur0” model railway) in the East German town of Stadtilm near Erfurt.

After fleeing to the West, Heinrich Abresch did not lose any time in deciding, together with his wife Mrs Eva-Maria Abresch, to found a timber wholesale firm, and in December 1954 he laid the foundation stone for a successful 10-year development.

As a reliable supplier to the construction, building material, steel, palette and packaging industry offering a varied range of trimmed timber and panels Abresch made a big name for himself over more than half a century.

In March 1978, Abresch added another string to his bow by founding Abresch Industrieverpackung GmbH. This company has now been manufacturing boxes and special overseas packaging for machine construction for more than 30 years.

Right up until he passed away in 2006, Heinrich Abresch was known as a determined, extremely hard-working and no-nonsense businessman, whose famous “handshake” could always be relied upon and who always had people on side when getting through any tricky situation, not only thanks to his own unique assertiveness but in particular thanks to his own special humour.

Heinrich Abresch left behind for his daughter, Heike Abresch, a healthy platform for the continuation of a successful business with an active and dynamic team.
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