Family History - Holz-Abresch Holzgroßhandlung, Viernheim

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Family History

The characteristics such as courage and determination, which are a crucial condition for running a company, can be traced back a long way in the Abresch family. In May 1832, Heinrich Abresch’s great-great uncle, Johann Philipp Abresch, as a co-founder of democracy, shaped the origin of today's German flag

with the colours black red gold

(for unity, freedom and democracy), and carried the flag as a standard bearer at the head of a 3-day democracy demonstration procession from the Neustadt market place to Hambacher Schloss. His brother – Heinrich Abresch’s great-grandfather – Karl Philipp Abresch, at the same time ran a successful timber wholesale firm, which at that time supplied railway sleeper timber and timber for building wine barrels across the whole of Europe. 

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